our love story

our love story...

How should i share it? Like the ABC? Or a summary? O isang nobela?

Well, this is an anything goes tale...
We met at an online game, Gunbound.
I got into it because my then bf was in Cebu for half a year & we never were in a long distance relationship & neither are we into chatting.
He got into it because he's into online gaming. & his nephew, kem, budged him to try gunbound as well.

Well, we met there, Aug 2005. He thought I was gay. He called me & found out I am a female.We were friends.We texted. We called. No, it wasn't daily... neither weekly.It wasn't regular but it seems that when I needed help, he was available to listen.The friendship was a comfort. No need to please the other. No need to keep a secret because we had no common friends & maybe because we don't care about the other's impression. No pressure of meeting anytime soon.Yes, it was just going with the wind.
There was even a time when we go three months without news from each other & yet, when we get to talk again... Yes, like long lost friends.
Anyway, long story short... 2006, my then bf and I broke up. December 2007, Dennies and his then gf broke up.
We met for real, June 2008.
I was prepared to meet an ogre that Saturday... Because he told me he was hideous.
But I was sure glad that he wasn't.
There were no fireworks then... No butterflies... But there was the sense of security from a ''stranger''.

That night, there were fireworks... Literally.
Sunday, we went to church with jade (my maid-of-honor) whom he met Saturday as well (after I found out that he was not an ogre after all).

Ptr. Peter said that we say 'you are made for joy' to the person to your right. He was at my right.
Yeah, I knew he was made for joy (that joy found in Jesus as the Philippians knew.) But that day, I kind of believed that he was made for Joy (& I mean ME).

[Dennies' story]
For the past 30 years of my life, I have shares of life’s ups and down.
Scenes which only occurred in movies. Yes, I’ve been there. It happened to me too.
It always makes me think what’s next…
See, I’m not in my twenties anymore, what do I want to do in my life now.
Settle down? With whom? That has always been the biggest question every time I drive

Then there’s Joy, Well, she’s not the last priority that she would always claim.
She’s not in the last of the list either for sure.
I have liked her since then, however the distance made me think twice, thrice and…
There are times that she said she would forget me, however after some months we would return like a long lost friends, then it would go on all again.
Until she came in Manila.

What answered the million dollar question for me was that final moment last year. I could live with this and I’m happy I thought.

What to do next?

I have read a text from a magazine that Love is also a gamble, no one really knew who has the hot hand until all cards are flipped.
Ok, I have decided to go to Davao.
Probably, the farthest place (Definitely not) a person could be in to and to meet Her Parents ~WOW!!!

He finally got to decide again that he would come to Davao.

After more than a month of prayer along with the wait of an airline promo,
I booked him without a return ticket.
I frequently asked him if he changed his mind.

Nobody probably would want to be in my place.

Prayed earnestly to God to make him change his mind if he weren't the one.
(Really... If God was human, He'd be confused over my prayer. For over a year of praying for him to be the one & now praying for him to just back out if ever.)

It took 6 months preparation just to go there, with the typhoons and events that hindered my vision of going there.

I even asked prayer partners to pray with me as well.

But I never backed out. Patay kung patay na.

When January came, and his coming over was obvious, we prayed for everything to go rough with my parents if he weren't the one.

Until January came, to my surprise, the “interrogation” and all was not awkward as I feared it would be. Well, maybe with some rough edges but it generally went smoothly.

On our first Sunday at Davao, Pastor Arnel again mentioned what ladies ought to say when their suitors say ''I love you.''
Response = ‘‘Will you marry me?''. And the guy would be silent.
''I love you'', he said about half an hour after church ended. It wasn't the first time that he said it but this time, I wanted to try what Ptr. Tan said but I couldn't quite bring myself to say it.
''Wag mo na ngang isipin yun.'' He said knowing what I was thinking. And I knew his reply to the unsaid question. And I was silent.

February, I went to meet his family. They were so warm. And so excited over ''our coming wedding''.

We were cornered.

Yes, we'd get married.

An unexpected win, my gamble paid off and it was great. Time to settle down with
My price and I’m going to marry her soon.

And now, with the blessing of our parents, we're here.
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