Friday, March 25, 2011

before i'd go...

Three of my friends contacted me at Facebook recently after knowing of my pregnancy who were unfortunately still without a child after more than a year of trying to conceive.

My husband and I are especially thankful to God for hearing our prayers and for allowing us to pregnant.

As in my previous post, I had realized that getting pregnant is not as easy as I thought it would be. With all the rumors and events of unwanted pregnancy, I thought it would be as easy as coitus during your ovulation.
But in our first 3 months of trying... I was proven wrong.

In a way, I can feel for these women since those three months seemed so long for me... the fear that I may never get to be pregnant closes in but I need to remind myself that God is in control and that He has nothing but the best for me.
... that has eased my anxiety.
There was a time when I actually think that maybe... just maybe... I wasn't meant to be a mother to one or two children... maybe I was destined to be a mother to more than that as I am so in love with children and I seem to be gifted with kids (as in a mother in the orphanage or in the classroom).

But anyway... we are expecting a baby boy by the end of July. And we hope and pray that he will be healthy ^^<

Back to the 3 women, I got to share my article on getting pregnant.

And I do pray for them, along with other wives who have long waited for those two lines in their pregnancy test kit.

The first one, whom I talked to last January, is now 6 weeks pregnant with twins! God be praised indeed!

The other two, I had them read it this March (the 3rd one, just today), I really hope that the article would be of help.

But in all these, I trust in God's perfect timing.

There is grace in waiting. I believe that with all my heart.
If God had granted our prayer of a baby on our honeymoon night (yes, I was ovulating then), I wouldn't be able to have an idea on how difficult it is to conceive.
And, my husband and I wouldn't have that bonding in prayer of begging to God for a baby.

And in that wait, we realized that this baby in my womb is indeed God's gift!(which is why we were to name the baby LIA had he been a girl)
So, with this pregnancy, God be exalted! (JORAM's meaning)

for today...

We are celebrating Josh's (my cousin) graduation today with a family dinner.

Then, we're off to sleep over at my in-laws. And tomorrow, my hubby's dropping me off at the airport before he goes straight to work.

Yes, I am off to Davao tomorrow! And I am excited!

I feel bad of having to leave Dennies alone though. He'd surely miss me as he would be coming home to an empty house for the next 5 days.

Thanking God for the internet and mobile phones though... then, we can keep in touch.
I already miss him...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

4th Month - 15 to 18 weeks AOG

A pregnant woman may experience any or all of these symptoms at one time or another:
□ fatigue -- indeed! I always feel tired even when I wasn't really able to do a lot of things around the house. I really salute those pregnant women who still manage to work full time! It must have take a lot of discipline and determination.
□ decreased urinary frequency, constipation -- I still get to void frequently since I am into drinking a lot of fluids... which does me good since I have no problem with constipation during my pregnancy. Before, I used to have my bouts of constipation especially when I'm on to something at work or if I am travelling... so, with this pregnancy, I increased my fiber and water intake just to help out my excretory system :) I don't want to increase my chances of getting hemorrhoids.
□ an end to or decreased in nausea and vomiting --  AMEN! I really thank God that I had said goodbye to morning sickness by the end of my 1st trimester. There are indeed some women whose nausea and vomiting persists way until the end of their pregnancy. My mother-in-law had her bouts of vomiting even at the hospital while they were preparing her for C-section.
□ continued breast enlargement, but usually decreased tenderness and swelling -- I have never been one of those girls with gifted bosom. And the hormones of pregnancy give me larger ones! I now have a cleavage to show... too bad this goes gone after breastfeeding and would likely sag unless I'd do some chest exercises. 
□ occasional headaches, faintness or dizziness, particularly with sudden change of position -- which is why it is necessary to shift positions slowly... especially when you plan to get up from a lying position. Which means, you get up to sitting position first, count to ten, before getting up. 
□ nasal congestion and occasional nosebleed; ear stuffiness -- I'm past my four months and I hadn't felt this. Thank God.
□ "pink toothbrush" from bleeding gums -- This I still experience. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have prior dental visits during my pregnancy but I do have an appointment with my dentist next week.
□ increasing appetite -- Indeed! With everyone (friends and family alike) encouraging you to eat along with the increased hormones and demands during pregnancy, there is an increase in appetite.
□ varicose veins of legs and/or hemorrhoids -- I am praying that I won't be getting any more varicose veins. I had mine on my foot way before my pregnancy because most socks would tend to constrict my ankles when I was still in school. And I sure pray that I won't get any hemorrhoids... I heard that they are painful.
□ mild swelling of ankles and feet, and occasional of hands and face -- I check my ankles and feet for swelling or edema as this may be a sign of fluid retention or too much salt intake. So far, so good ^^< Just today though (I'm on my 21wks now), I noticed my fingers being more plump... which I'd take that I really need to cut down on my salt intake unless I'd want to have any edema soon.
□ slight whitish vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) -- Pregnant women should be able to understand what 'slight' is. Since, a little more than that would mean a urinary tract infection or something... which needs to be reported to our OB especially if it is accompanied with painful urination or itchiness and foul odor.
□ fetal movement near the end of the month -- I felt my baby's movement as early as the 14th week AOG... or maybe I was imagining that I had to check my pregnancy journal & the internet if indeed it was fetal movement already or a very angry stomach. It turned out that some feel the earliest movement at 14 or 15 weeks. It felt like butterflies in your stomach. But it was more regular to me by the 17th week.
If you haven't felt your fetal movement yet, then maybe you'd feel it around the time that most women do: sometime around Week 18-20.


... well, planning to blog down
- the baby's progress in utero
- what to do/eat
- what to expect on the month's prenatal visit
- what to watch out for

i'd want to start from the 1st month down to the nine... but since i'm currently on my fifth month, but I guess I'd start at the 4th since that's when pregnant women are likely to feel the baby move ^^< which is the first and closest thing to sensing the baby, ultrasound aside...
and well, maybe when i'd feel like it.. go back down to the previous months...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ultrasound: 21 weeks AOG

Posted as promised!

These are the clearest shots that our OB sonologist got.
His right forearm was over his face most of the time... he didn't move it away when our OB was taking still photos. So, that was the clearest one that we've got.
His nose is already projecting. Our OB even described it as "matangos" looking over Dennies and I to see if from whom he got it.
His chin is also prominent and I am really trying to think whose facial contour he got. He reminded me a lot of Jobbie, my little bro, though. (Maybe because he was the only baby that I had really cared for in a long period... or that I miss my not-so-baby brother a lot & he's birthday's upcoming.)
But his face's shape could easily be from Dennies too or mine. :)
biparietal diameter (head), right; femur, left
The other one is of the head (at right) and the femur (at left) which is the longest bone in our body (that is the one in our thighs). These two measurements would give the doctor an estimate on the expected date of delivery.

This is the photo of his heart when the OB sonologist was assessing his cardiac functions. The two hollow spaces are 2 of the 4 heart chambers since this is on the lateral side. And the other hollow space, beside the 2, is probably the stomach.

All the measurements from the ultrasound got us close to July 30 with an allowance of 2 weeks prior or later, which correlates to our 1st trimester ultrasound as well as with my last menstrual period.

Monday, March 21, 2011

baby checklist

I got this from a baby company print out... so this is definitely more than just the basic.

It's up for us moms on a budget to choose which one is more suitable in our case. I have also posted a basic checklist previous to this.

I would try to come up with my own list as well base on my friends and mother's advise... but it still has to be proven efficient in the next months ahead.

newborn basics

□ 12 sleeveless shirts                   □ 12 short sleeved shirts
□ 6 long sleeved shirts                 □ 2-6 pajama sets / frog suits
□ 2 sweaters                               □ 4-6 receiving blankets
□ 12 abdominal binders               □ 4 bonnets/caps
□ 4-6 pairs of booties                  □ 4-6 pairs of socks
□ 4-6 waterproof plastic panties   □ 12 bibs
□ 4-6 burp pads

□ 24 birds eye                             □ 24 gauze
□ diaper clips/pins (pack)            □ nappy clamps (pack)
□ 3 packs disposable diapers

nursery linen

□ 4-6 fitted sheets                       □ 2 crib bumpers
□ 3 crib blankets (cotton, flannel, fleece or terry cloth)
□ 2 comforters                            □ sleep positioner
□ 2 pillows                                  □ 2 bolsters
□ 4 pillow cases                          □ 4 bolster cases
□ 2 waterproof sheets                 □ 2 mattress coverings
□ 4 lap pads                               □ sleeping blanket

bathing & grooming accessories

□ 4 hooded bath towels             □ rubber bath mat
□ 4 wash cloths                         □ sponge bath mat
□ sponge/mitt                            □ organizer tray
□ bath tub                                 □ 3 canisters/jar sets
□ basin                                      □ soap case
□ dipper                                    □ powder case
□ bathing support net                 □ hairbrush and comb
□ nail cutter/ scissors                 □ finger toothbrush
□ baby headband                       □ bath seat

□ baby soap/liquid bath            □ cotton swab (roll)
□ baby shampoo                      □ cotton balls (pack)
□ baby powder                        □ cotton ear buds
□ baby oil                                □ cotton nose buds
□ baby cream                          □ petroleum jelly
□ baby cologne                       □ diaper ointment
□ baby alcohol                        □ diaper rash powder/cream
□ mosquito repellant                □ baby detergent soap
□ toothgel/wipes                     □ relief system
□ bottom care                         □ diaper rash ointment

□ digital thermometer              □ humidifier
□ medicine spoon                   □ ice bag
□ nasal aspirator                     □ bed warmer
□ vaporizer                             □ water bag

feeding & nursing essentials

□ breast pump                       □ breastfeeding pillow
□ nursing pads (box)              □ breastfeeding canopy
□ nipple shield                       □ storage bottles
□ nipple cream                      □ milk storage bags
□ soothing breast wipes

□ soft bite spoon                   □ baby bowl
□ warmer                              □ straw cup
□ food processor                  □ spout cup

□ 6-8 4 oz. feeding bottle      □ sterilizing tong
□ 6-8 8 oz. feeding bottle      □ sterilizer
□ 3 nipples                           □ sterilizer rack
□ 2 caps & rings (pair)         □ bottle keeper/holder
□ bottle brush                      □ 2 milk containers
□ nipple brush                      □ bottle warmer
□ disposable liner                 □ bottle cleanser

to be updated... more list on nursery furnishings & travel accessories.

checklist -- basic


Getting ready for our baby's arrival on July or August is exciting! But being a first time mom, it can be confusing as well especially since I am as always and as I should be on a budget but there's the temptation to splurge indeed.

Anyway, our new OB provided us with a prenatal care book which includes a page of a basic checklist.
And yes, I am to check off items as I shop or get them as dole outs from friends who had just their bundle of joy as well.

I'd copy it down here.

Prepare a plane in your home for the baby.
□ Sleeping area (crib or bassinet/cradle)
□ Place for clothes and supplies

□ 5-7 undershirts or 'onesies'
□ 1-2 hats/bonnets
□ 1-2 sets of baby washcloths and towels
□ 3-4 dozen newborn diapers (plus 3-4 waterproof pants and diaper clips if using cloth diapers)
□ 4-6 receiving blankets
□ 2-3 pairs of booties or socks (you won't need shoes until he is walking well)
□ 2 washable bibs
□ 4-6 cotton diapers to use as burp rags
□ 3-4 fitted sheets
□ 2 crib blankets
□ 1-2 blankets for the carriage or stroller

*Be sure to wash all baby clothes, bedding, towels and washcloths in baby detergent before using.

Feeding Supplies
□ 4-6 baby bottles (4 and 8 ounces)
□ bottle brush
□ nursing bra
□ nursing/breast pump

Other basic items that you may need include:
□ pacifier if you choose to use one (choose a one piece, silicone model with a soft nipple and has a shield that is at least 1.5 inches wide)
□ infant carrier
□ 1 nasal suction bulb
□ thermometer
□ 1 stroller, carriage or combination of stroller/carriage
□ 1 front pack or back pack to carry your baby until he is 5-6mos old
□ 1 diaper bag
□ 1 calibrated spoon, medicine dropper or oral syringe for giving medicine
□ baby bath tub
□ diaper rash ointment and/or petroleum jelly

ultrasound: 2nd trimester

The second trimester starts at the end of 12 weeks AOG (age of gestation).

I had mine at 21 weeks AOG which is a common time to get one since the baby's gender can be readily determined. And yes, since the family has had enough time guessing if the baby's a girl or a boy. And also, there is the pressing need to start buying baby stuffs and accessories by the 6th month where in knowing the baby's gender would come in handy.

But could gender be determined at a much earlier time?

In order to be certain the sonologist  should reassure himself that he actually sees the penis and scrotum in the case of a boy and the labia in the case of a girl. The absence of the penis must not be taken as sufficient evidence of the fetus being a girl. The 3-lines sign which denotes the labia in the fetus is a very valid and accurate indication of the female gender (at right). Most of the time one should be able to tell the sex of the baby by about 20 weeks and very often even at sixteen. With modern equipment, the diagnosis can be made even as early as 11 to 12 weeks (at right). On the other hand, as the correct visualization of any fetal part depends of a host of factors such as fetal position, amount of fluid and thickness of the abdominal wall.

The pictures here are not from my own ultrasound but ones i got from the internet.

The one on top is at 21weeks AOG which shows the baby thumb sucking which one of their common activity as in these times, reflexes are already present to help them survive life outside the womb.

In my own ultrasound, the spine is also evident and in place and during the 20-24wks of gestation, the baby undergoes a fast growth which would require a lot of vitamins and minerals essential for it.
Our OB emphasized on Calcium and Iron and had prescribed supplements for me since it was not uncommon  for pregnant women to loose teeth during this period due to calcium deficiency nor develop iron-deficiency anemia during pregnancy.

The OB also checked out the baby's cardiac activity. The normal heart rate at this time is at 120 to 160 beats per minute. His heart valves are already working in sync!

Also, the placenta is already in place. It is good that I don't have a low lying placenta or placenta previa which would cause common labor complications like bleeding and/or the need for a Ceasarean section.

ultrasound: IT'S A BOY!

we had an ultraound last saturday...


I'd post a better picture of this one soon.

Anyway, my husband and I were so amazed that our baby waved to us during the procedure. It's priceless!
It would have been better if it were recorded. but it was too late when i learnt that our OB sonologist could have had recorded the whole procedure.
next time... I'd definitely remember to remind her to press the record button.
I hope that Baby Joram would be awake on my 3rd trimester ultrasound... maybe he'll give us more than a wave next time.
a somersault maybe?
or a flying kiss would definitely do!

His facial contour is also evident, and his chin appeared prominent during the ultrasound although it is not quite clear on this print. He had his hand over his face most of the time.

He also had his foot crossed over the other... i need to see whose mannerism this is. And he likes rubbing his right hand to his left in such a cute way!

We are indeed excited and waiting for you, baby Joram Anthony!

Thanking God in the blessing of love and family! Thank you so much, Lord!

Friday, March 18, 2011

boy or girl?

i've read this article from a back issue of Working Mom magazine that i got at Filbar's last Sunday.

I wish i could find the article online so i could just lead you to it but to no avail.

and typing down everything would take a lot of my time... hehehe

i have attached tables sort of a summary on the article though...

dennies & i did the RING AROUND THE BELLY... just for fun. 
it went back & forth and it also went in circles. tales say that this would mean twins!
but anyway, since we've had an ultrasound the 1st trimester... so we know we're having one.
the ring did more of the pendulum though...
so base on the ring... a GIRL it is!

i got nauseous with fried garlic and other colognes but i could down yogurt, milk and proteins very well. Although, I don't want the fat portion of meats.

& i remember sucking on calamansi for nausea relief and it worked! I even downed tomato ketchup.

So, it's like I'm going on boy and/or girl in these myths...

this means one thing... I need to get an ultrasound! :)

PS: I do have an OB appointment for check-up and ultrasound tomorrow.
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