Friday, March 25, 2011

before i'd go...

Three of my friends contacted me at Facebook recently after knowing of my pregnancy who were unfortunately still without a child after more than a year of trying to conceive.

My husband and I are especially thankful to God for hearing our prayers and for allowing us to pregnant.

As in my previous post, I had realized that getting pregnant is not as easy as I thought it would be. With all the rumors and events of unwanted pregnancy, I thought it would be as easy as coitus during your ovulation.
But in our first 3 months of trying... I was proven wrong.

In a way, I can feel for these women since those three months seemed so long for me... the fear that I may never get to be pregnant closes in but I need to remind myself that God is in control and that He has nothing but the best for me.
... that has eased my anxiety.
There was a time when I actually think that maybe... just maybe... I wasn't meant to be a mother to one or two children... maybe I was destined to be a mother to more than that as I am so in love with children and I seem to be gifted with kids (as in a mother in the orphanage or in the classroom).

But anyway... we are expecting a baby boy by the end of July. And we hope and pray that he will be healthy ^^<

Back to the 3 women, I got to share my article on getting pregnant.

And I do pray for them, along with other wives who have long waited for those two lines in their pregnancy test kit.

The first one, whom I talked to last January, is now 6 weeks pregnant with twins! God be praised indeed!

The other two, I had them read it this March (the 3rd one, just today), I really hope that the article would be of help.

But in all these, I trust in God's perfect timing.

There is grace in waiting. I believe that with all my heart.
If God had granted our prayer of a baby on our honeymoon night (yes, I was ovulating then), I wouldn't be able to have an idea on how difficult it is to conceive.
And, my husband and I wouldn't have that bonding in prayer of begging to God for a baby.

And in that wait, we realized that this baby in my womb is indeed God's gift!(which is why we were to name the baby LIA had he been a girl)
So, with this pregnancy, God be exalted! (JORAM's meaning)

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