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i got this checklist from a lot of wedding magazines. I purposely include those items that we didn't include in our plan as others may use this for reference but i did mark it n/a for those items along with our reasons for not including it.

6-9 months before the wedding
  • select the date, time and venue -- 8-9-10, 7am, TBA to guests
  • decide on the general theme & motiff. Set your budget and priorities.  -- going for the barrio fiesta theme, teal. Budget and priorities set (PM us if you want details on this if ever you're a would-be-bride too).
  • reserve church/ceremony venue & officiant. Find out the church requirements & restrictions. -- Rev. Jun Nano, informed.
  • compile your guest list. Notify out of town guest for early confirmation of attendance.
  • inform entourage, prncipal sponsors, and ceremony participants.
  • choose a caterer/reception venue.
  • bride: select bridal & entourage gowns. -- thanks to my Aunties Neneng and Yayang, who have been especially helpful with me on this. & to my groom for the budget ^^, mwah! love you all.
  • bride: shop for bridal accessories: veil, shoes, jewelry my veil is covered by our seamstress. My white shoes (no... not the that i'm using on duty) will be wrapped up in the extra fabric from my wedding dress & i'd embelish it if the feel strikes me ^^, & jewelry will be borrowed from my Mama & Ninangs... unless they decide to give it to me instead. *wink*wink*
  • groom: start looking for barong. --Dennies will have his barong tailored for him. Thanks to Mommy Deling for everything, and to Ate Carr & Ate Mitch for helping.
  • hire a wedding coordinator. -- n/a -- We chose not to have one since we'd be having the wedding in the barrio & there are a lot of support from my family and friends of which we are especially thankful for. 
  • get into a fitness program. --to those who know dennies & me, surely they know too well that we are kind of the couch potatoes. but we're trying to get into a little more of the cardio work-out than we used to get from regular activities. however, none of us have seriously enrolled in a fitness program.
  • source wedding service providers - florist, photographer, videographer, cake-maker, caligrapher  & stationer for the invitations and other print materials, musicians. -- so far, none of these have been finalized just yet. but for sure, Macel & I are going to take care of our invites. Friends from church have agreed to be my singers. Thank you so much!
  • start planning your honeymoon. We will be spending our first night as a couple at a mountain resort in Davao. & on the first weekend of September, at Tagaytay or somewhere around 2-3hours radius of Binan, Laguna.
  • start making your wedding favors if you're making your own. -- n/a -- c/o Auntie Yayang. Thanks again.
  • if you're having an outdoor wedding reserve rental equipment such as tents, chairs, etc. -- hopefully we wouldn't need extra. & hopefully guests would RSVP. Praying.
  • meet with bakers and sample wedding cake. -- this is not one of our major priorities. we're thinking to get a simple cake & then we'd embelish it to fit our theme. Dennies wants to get us custom-made cake toppers that would look like us. Since we'd be spending on our mini-me... so, we're cutting on the cake budget. But don't worry guests... we're after the taste as well!
  • start looking for wedding invitations. -- we've looked but the cheapest price is around Php40/pc and i'm not satisfied with the whole look nor am i willing to spend that much on the invitation. Especially since, we could make it better at much less. And maybe... just maybe... this could be an intro to a parttime business.
  • start thinking about the wording of your wedding invitations. -- i have it already. Dennies had seen it. But we have yet to proofread it by the expert and we mean our parents.
  • start planning the rehersal dinner.

4-5 months before
  • draft your missalettes & pick the kind of paper and font that you want that will match your chosen theme. Make sure to proofread before the final printing.
  • select flowers and arrangements for the bridal bouquet, the entourage, church, & reception to suit your theme. -- i'd link this to a post i'd make for the details on this.
  • order your wedding cake. You may also ask for a taste test.
  • Prepare to make the necessary deposits and make sure all contracts state previously agreed upon details.
  • prepare all necessary documents: birth certificate, annotated baptismal certificate, residence certificate, cenomar (certificate of no marriage).

2-4 months before
  • discuss details of menu and table settings with caterer & schedule a food tasting. -- to be done before May ends.
  • conduct a mock-up of your centerpieces and table setting with your florist and caterer. -- this would probably be done 2 weeks prior to my wedding when my Aunties arrive. But i'd definitely show the pictures of the centerpieces that i have in mind to the caterer before May ends.
  • discuss ceremony with officiant and work on missalette contents. -- to be scheduled after May 22.
  • attend to legal and church requirements or seminars.
  • schedule despedida de soltera, if desired. -- this would probably be one week before my wedding. nothing grand really.
  • register for gifts. -- n/a -- since we would be moving to Binan, Laguna, we would appreciate cash to help us in our move.
  • mail invitations & purchase guest book. -- we'd give the invites on July 3. but to the entourage, we'd be giving them out by June. The guest book would be printed after our pre-nup shoot which would be shot for free by our friend, Dot Tiu. Thanks again!
  • Have first dress fitting. -- i'd have it by May. But my Mama doesn't want me to fit it. But anyways... *wink*wink.
  • select your hosts & discuss the reception program.
  • sign up for dance lessons, if desired. -- n/a -- not desired. hehe

1-2 months before
  •  have missalettes printed after having them proofread.
  • check & update your registries if needed. -- n/a
  • send out invitations to your despidida de soltera, if desired.
  • purchase something pretty to wear for getting ready. -- no, i'm not getting a robe. i'm thinking of a white or teal long tube beach dress.
  • inform people who will be giving speaches to give them ample time to prepare.
  • write thank you notes as gifts arrive.

2 weeks before
  • have final dress fitting with shoes, accessories and lingerie. Break-in wedding shoes at home.
  • call guests who have not RSVPd. Notify caterer of guest count. Begin seating plan & print place cards.
  • write speech for reception.
  • hold despedida de soltera, if desired. 
  • create a wedding day schedule. Send information to your wedding party & suppliers.
  • confirm wedding day details with all suppliers. Conduc final meetings if neccessary.

1 week before
  • finalize seating plan.
  • if you don't have a coordinator, assign specific responsibilities (handing out corsage, bouquets) to your wedding party.
  • have final facial or other beauty treatments.
  • pick up dress or have it delivered.
  • update caterer with final guest list & supplier meal counts.
  • confirm all final payment balances with your suppliers.

1 day before
  • confirm transportation arrangements.
  • have a manicure and pedicure.
  • prepare tip and payment envelopes for officiant & suppliers; make arrangement for someone to distribute them.
  • pull together gown, veil, shoes, and emergency kit.
  • gather all items needed for the day ( guest bok, missalettes, favors, ring and coin pillow, etc) & place them in one container to be taken to the venue.

  • ENJOY! RELAX! Let go.

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