Thursday, July 15, 2010

our ring

this made me even more excited ^^<

I was at first fearful that the goldsmith would not get what I had envisioned our ring to be.
But thank God for skillful and passionate people like Kuya Ric of Triple J at Ilustre who's making our wedding day extra special!

Monday, July 12, 2010

wedding book

I got this book at a book sale shop.

This has been a lot of help for me. & it reminded me of the marriage license that is already due for application!

Anyway, I also got the idea of the processional from here. They have no Filipino consultant so i basically just mixed up those that i have seen in the weddings here with the one that i've read.

I liked the Jewish processional that gives special attention to family members.
They have grandparents walk in first right after the minister to be escorted by an usher/usherette.

Also, instead of the groom just waiting on at the aisle, he too would walk alongside his parents.

I would have wanted to have a chance to walk down the aisle solo. But I also wanted my Papa and Mama by my side.
I asked Mama if they(Mama & Papa) could perhaps walk down the aisle and wait for me at half of the aisle then we'd be walking down together until Dennies would ask for me.
But my Mama would rather have us walking together first and me walking down the rest of the way alone.
I wouldn't want the latter.
So, we'd be sticking on the the 3 of us together for the rest of the way.

updates... on dresses and the ring...

This is the design that my flower girl, Princess, picked for herself.

The rest of the entourage had picked their own designs as well using the fabric that Auntie Yayang & I had bought at Divisoria last April. A local seamstress had done it & i am going to see it on Wednesday this week! I am so excited. I really hope it would fit them well.          
Auntie Yayang's going to be here by July 22. She'll bring in my wedding gown. Yup, same design as I have been babbling about the very time I started blogging. I really fell for Vera Wang's Aurora and had it done for me.
However, I wont be fitting my gown before the wedding with due respect to my Ma's and future mother-in-law's request. I don't believe in this superstition. But i would adhere to it since if one force majeur happens, I really don't want it to be blamed upon my wearing the wedding gown prior to the wedding.
But trust me. I'd be fitting it the moment that day strikes! And that means a few seconds after midnight! ^^,

On our wedding ring, I had them done by a local goldsmith.
I am prety sure that he is not the best but I like the way he transacts business with me. He is honest and really knows his trade. And yes, he is better enough for the job!

Really there is a lot to be excited about.

Just waiting for each day to pass by.

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