Monday, July 12, 2010

wedding book

I got this book at a book sale shop.

This has been a lot of help for me. & it reminded me of the marriage license that is already due for application!

Anyway, I also got the idea of the processional from here. They have no Filipino consultant so i basically just mixed up those that i have seen in the weddings here with the one that i've read.

I liked the Jewish processional that gives special attention to family members.
They have grandparents walk in first right after the minister to be escorted by an usher/usherette.

Also, instead of the groom just waiting on at the aisle, he too would walk alongside his parents.

I would have wanted to have a chance to walk down the aisle solo. But I also wanted my Papa and Mama by my side.
I asked Mama if they(Mama & Papa) could perhaps walk down the aisle and wait for me at half of the aisle then we'd be walking down together until Dennies would ask for me.
But my Mama would rather have us walking together first and me walking down the rest of the way alone.
I wouldn't want the latter.
So, we'd be sticking on the the 3 of us together for the rest of the way.

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