Monday, March 21, 2011

ultrasound: IT'S A BOY!

we had an ultraound last saturday...


I'd post a better picture of this one soon.

Anyway, my husband and I were so amazed that our baby waved to us during the procedure. It's priceless!
It would have been better if it were recorded. but it was too late when i learnt that our OB sonologist could have had recorded the whole procedure.
next time... I'd definitely remember to remind her to press the record button.
I hope that Baby Joram would be awake on my 3rd trimester ultrasound... maybe he'll give us more than a wave next time.
a somersault maybe?
or a flying kiss would definitely do!

His facial contour is also evident, and his chin appeared prominent during the ultrasound although it is not quite clear on this print. He had his hand over his face most of the time.

He also had his foot crossed over the other... i need to see whose mannerism this is. And he likes rubbing his right hand to his left in such a cute way!

We are indeed excited and waiting for you, baby Joram Anthony!

Thanking God in the blessing of love and family! Thank you so much, Lord!

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