Monday, March 21, 2011

checklist -- basic


Getting ready for our baby's arrival on July or August is exciting! But being a first time mom, it can be confusing as well especially since I am as always and as I should be on a budget but there's the temptation to splurge indeed.

Anyway, our new OB provided us with a prenatal care book which includes a page of a basic checklist.
And yes, I am to check off items as I shop or get them as dole outs from friends who had just their bundle of joy as well.

I'd copy it down here.

Prepare a plane in your home for the baby.
□ Sleeping area (crib or bassinet/cradle)
□ Place for clothes and supplies

□ 5-7 undershirts or 'onesies'
□ 1-2 hats/bonnets
□ 1-2 sets of baby washcloths and towels
□ 3-4 dozen newborn diapers (plus 3-4 waterproof pants and diaper clips if using cloth diapers)
□ 4-6 receiving blankets
□ 2-3 pairs of booties or socks (you won't need shoes until he is walking well)
□ 2 washable bibs
□ 4-6 cotton diapers to use as burp rags
□ 3-4 fitted sheets
□ 2 crib blankets
□ 1-2 blankets for the carriage or stroller

*Be sure to wash all baby clothes, bedding, towels and washcloths in baby detergent before using.

Feeding Supplies
□ 4-6 baby bottles (4 and 8 ounces)
□ bottle brush
□ nursing bra
□ nursing/breast pump

Other basic items that you may need include:
□ pacifier if you choose to use one (choose a one piece, silicone model with a soft nipple and has a shield that is at least 1.5 inches wide)
□ infant carrier
□ 1 nasal suction bulb
□ thermometer
□ 1 stroller, carriage or combination of stroller/carriage
□ 1 front pack or back pack to carry your baby until he is 5-6mos old
□ 1 diaper bag
□ 1 calibrated spoon, medicine dropper or oral syringe for giving medicine
□ baby bath tub
□ diaper rash ointment and/or petroleum jelly

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