Friday, March 18, 2011

boy or girl?

i've read this article from a back issue of Working Mom magazine that i got at Filbar's last Sunday.

I wish i could find the article online so i could just lead you to it but to no avail.

and typing down everything would take a lot of my time... hehehe

i have attached tables sort of a summary on the article though...

dennies & i did the RING AROUND THE BELLY... just for fun. 
it went back & forth and it also went in circles. tales say that this would mean twins!
but anyway, since we've had an ultrasound the 1st trimester... so we know we're having one.
the ring did more of the pendulum though...
so base on the ring... a GIRL it is!

i got nauseous with fried garlic and other colognes but i could down yogurt, milk and proteins very well. Although, I don't want the fat portion of meats.

& i remember sucking on calamansi for nausea relief and it worked! I even downed tomato ketchup.

So, it's like I'm going on boy and/or girl in these myths...

this means one thing... I need to get an ultrasound! :)

PS: I do have an OB appointment for check-up and ultrasound tomorrow.

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