Saturday, January 29, 2011

cry baby...

No... I'm not talking of the candy.

I just seem to be more of the cry baby this time in my pregnancy. There's no night with watching the TV news, without tears. I really am not this emotional before. Although I empathize with the victims, etc. of crimes and tragedies, they never really get me crying.
These times however, I find myself shedding tears every night unless I'c choose to turn off the TV before anything emotional comes along.
I don't get to crying with the TV soaps though... I still think of them as shallow although entertainment nonetheless.

Yesterday, while chatting with my Mama, I was in tears too. Thinking of how thankful I am that she had brought us to church when we were young. And relieved to hear that my little brother has been doing better although he never got back to the honors list because of his being talkative(or so his teachers say).
We are not surprised about that however.
My mother fondly recalled of how my 1st grading card had the "most talkative" comment.
I told her that I don't remember that although I do recall bragging that I have the MOST TALKATIVE award back in Nursery up until I was six. (You see, kids don't understand sarcasm up until around 8y.o.).

Anyway, again, I am looking forward to February which is but a few days away. Hopefully, there'd be goodbye to morning sickness.

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