Wednesday, January 19, 2011

on baby names now that I am Mrs. Espina

If we were to have a baby girl…

Again, Denise is a given name.

And for the other name… Lea (meaning = bringer of good news) the wife of Jacob, Lydia of the new testament.
But Dennies' opposed of Lydia since it reminded him of Aling Lydia who was their neighbor. It does sound so off when it would be pronounced as Li-Ja instead of Lid-Ya. But most people would probably say it as the first... so, Lydia is dropped.

And then, there's Lia which is a variant of Lea and actually of Hebrew origin itself which means 'I am the Lord's'
... and Lia is the winner.

So, If we were to have a baby girl, she'll be Lia Denise.

If we were to have a baby boy...

I asked Dennies if he would want Dennis or Anthony... he went for the latter. Since Mommy's maiden name is Antonio. So, his second name would be Anthony as well.

And now.. for the J from the Bible.

...choices... James? John? Joshua? Jacob? Jonathan? Jethro? Jotham? Josiah? Joseph? Jeremiah? Job? Jude?

or maybe Jose Antonio?

Then I found Joram. His story in the Bible is not really that of victory and he is definitely not one of the popular ones. But I do love the meaning of this name... 'God is exalted.'
Indeed, after the days, weeks and months that we've prayed for this baby, God alone deserves the praise!

So, Joram Anthony... if our baby were a boy.

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