Wednesday, January 19, 2011

on baby names before I were Mrs. Espina

I’ve been so excited about motherhood that I’ve thought of what to name my baby even before I met a suitable husband.
And yes, my mind has changed more than a thousand times.
There are things that remain though consistent ever since:
1.   1.    I want to have two names for my baby.
I’ve always hoped and maybe even envied (although not that kind of serious envy) my classmates back in school with two names.
That way they their paper looks better formatted (or so I thought)… the down side, they take longer time to write down their names. And the better side, they get to practice their handwriting and scripts! J

2.    2.   I don’t want any of those combination names of parents into 1 name.
No offense meant. Although,

3.    3.   I’ve always wanted one with a good meaning and that with a story to tell plus a touch of history and family in it.
Since my baby is bound to write one formal theme in grade school about his/her name… I want it to be a lot easier for him/her. *winx*

And things that have remained consistent since around 2000:
4.      4.  I want a Bible name as much as possible.

5.      5.  I want one of the name from my husband’s name… a derivative if our baby were a girl.
(e.g. Joelle, Josie, Denise, Ianne, Ivanne)

 6. I want a J as a start in one of the names especially if our baby were a boy.
Since practically every one of my immediate MALE loves are J.
(Lolo Jose, Papa Joel and my brothers,  Jon and Jobbie) 
Not to mention the big J in our lives who is our Lord Jesus Christ!
Plus my nickname starts with a J too.

7.     7.  It may start with an L if our baby were a girl.  
… from Ligaya and my Mama’s Luzviminda.

Around 2006, I guess, I fell in love with the name Abigail since she was the only one in the Bible described as a beauty and brain… and her story is not that familiar. I never even thought that she was a Bible name.

And well, here comes Dennies! (His Dennis was misspelled in his birth certificate… you all know the hassle that comes with that so they stuck with it)

I actually thought of Denise Abigail as a name if we were to have a baby girl. Well, that was before I learnt about his sister’s first and only name. (No offense meant) I love my sister-in-law, Abbi. It’s just that I don’t want both of our baby’s name to mimic anyone from the immediate family.

So, If I were to marry Dennies… and if we were to have a baby girl, one of the names would definitely be Denise… and if we were to have a baby boy, one of the names would either be Dennis or Anthony (Dennies’ second name).

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