Thursday, January 13, 2011

wrapping up 2010


-- New Year & my Mama's Birthday

someday in between -- I announced to my family that Dennies would be coming over to Davao to visit

13 -- My Papa's birthday

15-17 -- Dennies' visit in Davao.. his first ever to set foot in Mindanao


20-24 -- My visit to meet his parents & relatives


3 -- Kristine Joy (my H.S. barkada)'s birthday & wedding

21 -- Dennies' heart to heart talk with my Papa & my Papa's backstabbing me with my TOP 3 UNLOVABLE TRAITS

29 -- Jobbie's birthday


pre-marriage counselling by Uncle Boyet & Auntie Yayang

visit at Divisoria for fabric finds...


1 -- my parent's 28th wedding anniversary

15 -- my 27th birthday

20something -- Dennies and his family came to Davao to meet my family

pre-nuptial photos were taken by our friend Dot Tiu.


1-5 -- vacation at cebu and bohol with Lola, Mama and Jobbie. Jon, his gf & Ate Tata & Ate Lilil are residing in Cebu.

someday just about 1st semester is to start -- i got news that i won't be teaching anymore subjects in college... which is a blessing since i would have more time with our wedding prep then... but it would have been better if my boss would have informed me earlier than the start of classes that i actually have none.



one weekend -- Papa, Mama, Jobbie & I went up to Davao Oriental for a break at a fishing village on the other side of the Davao Gulf


7 -- Dennies and Abbi(his sister) arrived in Davao

8 -- the rest of his family arrived; dinner at Barayong

9 -- our wedding... a blessing indeed for both of us!

9-10 -- at Eden Nature Park

11 -- Off to Manila then Binan, Laguna

21 -- Post-Wedding Reception at Marikina

22-23 -- hang-out with my family at Laguna

24-26 -- at the hospital... na-dengue kuno ko. 1st time since 2 or 3 years old.


-- First Monthsary ever to celebrate for either one of us

17 -- My Father-in-law's birthday


2 -- Dennies' birthday with a wife


undas at Nueva Ecija, my farthest up north to date

9 or 10 -- a successful conception... God is gracious

30 -- 1st pregnancy test turned faintly positive...


1 -- second positive preg test... a whole lot clearer lines!

15 -- 1st ultrasound

22 -- homeward bound to Davao

23-25 -- Christmas retreat with family at Tubalan

25 -- Christmas Party at barayong

26 -- short catch up with friends before the flight back to manila

31 -- good-bye 2010... happy birthday, Mama

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