Thursday, January 13, 2011

after months of silence

I haven't been really blogging for around half a year now…

So, I'd give a rough summary of how it has been…

& here are my articles to write:
1.      1.  Description of the wedding plan that I have in mind & how it turned out to be that 8-9-10.
2. An inclusion of the wedding photos taken would be nice too.
2.       3. Bloopers from the wedding
3.       4. The blessing that it had been
4.       5. Our sort of very short honeymoon at Eden's Nature Park in Davao.
5.       6. What we thought of our first days… weeks together.
6.       7. Ligaya home in… Binan?!?
7.       8. Our Post-Wedding Reception at Marikina
8.       9. Our first months together

& the next chapter:
1.      1.  Baby-making 101 – it is not as easy as I thought
2.      2.  What we seemed to do right that November
3.      3.  God's special Christmas gift to Dennies and Me

& side trip:
1.      1.  Our first Christmas together
2.       2. Home in Davao for Christmas!
3.       3. Reminiscing 2010
4.       4. New Year at Home
5.       5. 2011… hopes & dreams

& our pregnancy:
1.      1. Officially starting my pregnancy journal
2.      2. Surviving the crazy hormones
3.      3. My take on morning sickness
4.      4. My dearest husband
5.      5. Revising our budget

That seems to be a lot indeed! But hopefully, I could get half of them done by the end of this week. I hadn't been sleeping well lately.

I especially miss the long straight hours of sleep during my first month. 3 hours sleep was the longest straight that I've had… followed by 1-3 hours of tumbling on bed before I manage to get back to sleeping again. This actually leaves me "seasick" the morning I'm awake… coupled with my morning sickness that lasts throughout the day… equals my dearest husband needing to help me out with my household chores. 

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