Tuesday, January 25, 2011

about my pregnancy experience

i think i need to make a post... otherwise my blog would again be forgotten by me...

I had my third visit with my OB last Thursday. I heard our baby's heartbeat again. This time through a Doppler.
It just seems clearer to me that i am indeed pregnant at the sound of it since I still don't feel any of our baby's movement for now.

I am keeping a written journal aside from this blog. I had bought it around a month before I actually got pregnant and I had it at a bargain at a book sale store for around 10-15% of the price that a hardbound imported pregnancy journal would cost. The first copy that i saw then had a tattered back cover, and still I was willing to buy it... good thing that there was another copy that it as good as new.
The down side of my finding that book early though was that I kind of got depressed when I got my period that month. It almost felt like I actually lost a baby already.
After that, we surrendered it all to the Lord... Your time is the best time... although we still pleaded daily for a baby.

So, when the time came when my period continued to delay... and when we got a positive pregnancy test, we were ecstatic.
And even a bit in denial since I don't want to raise a high false hope this time.
We got another home test kit the next day. I imagine that Dennies and I were holding our breath as we see the color change in the kit as one line shows and as we continued praying for a second line to appear.
And it did!
That was the best Christmas gift we've had. Thank You, LORD!

One thing we learned is that the joy wells greater when you've been waiting for God's answer in your prayers and you finally got it.
It's a proof that He answers prayers.

On a serious note, I did remember those friends that I know who have been praying for a baby as well and still have negative results. As much as I hope that we could have that same experience... God has His reasons.

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