Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my dearest husband

About a year ago, my FAQ is "Are you sure about him?" And my reply would be, "Yes… because I prayed for him."

I'm thanking God for the testimony that I could share to young girls... or shall I say ladies. It's not that I prayed the perfect prayer or that I have the perfect man right now because we all know that nothing and no one is perfect except God.
It's just that when we pray, God listens… and yes, He answers.

Anyway… since this is with regards to my pregnancy as well… I just want to remind myself years from now of these times… written by me (so, I would likely believe it more than if he'd say it.)… so, I have an archive of the lovable things about him when he nothing he does is cute anymore.

I am having all those hormones that is expected through pregnancy. I don't go vomiting like others do, but morning sickness is certainly not just in the morning. And there are those times when all you want to do is sleep or do nothing (that is actually progesterone at work). Plus, there are those apparently normal odors that sets you off.
I know that this is intellectualization at work (my favorite coping mechanism).

Back to my husband, he comes home from 12 hours of work… and less than one minute for him to realize that he has to open the door himself since his housewife is down in bed, there's no food at the table, the floor hasn't been swept and there's laundry left to do.
We all know what he did next since I still call him "dearest".

We pray that everything will be better on my second trimester. I am already better this month since I manage to cook for him this time. But I have a case of alternating hypersomnia and insomnia in days that leave me doing nothing.
We pray that he'd be given more patience to deal with me. (He actually has notes to himself now… especially on schedules since they were bound to change with a simple scent of garlic cooking or the like)

We pray that I could cope better soon and stop using the hormones as excuses to do nothing.

By the way, he proved last night that even placebo efforts work.
The story… I was feeling nauseous last night at his scent and I did have vomitus in my pharynx already. I asked him to wash up. He dutifully stood up. I heard the bathroom faucet running. Minutes later, he came back with a shirt on and a new pair of shorts since I asked him to change too.
And I had no problem anymore.
He told me minutes later… when he was sure that I wasn't nauseous anymore that he didn't wash up. He merely changed his clothes. J
Oh well… I really don't mind. We're happy that the placebo worked… too much of this KSP hormones.

Since I don't know how to end this anymore… I just want to end with something that is so understated and so yesterday.
I love him! & I thank God each day that we've met.
… so yesterday but a lot truer today.

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