Tuesday, January 18, 2011

revising our budget

As we had made our budget to include our Christmas expenses months before the holidays… we are now doing it for the baby as well.

The little that we've saved from what was left of last year… and with the list of the things to get for our baby (needs and not wants) and the expected medical expenses, we surely need to revise our budget.

With no added income for the moment, we surely have a lot in our hands. So, now, it's on how we could squeeze our budget.
It's not that we're really broke. But as much as possible, we wouldn't want this pregnancy to cause us to spend more than what we're earning in a month. That means, that I wouldn't  want us to tap into our other savings for it. (Although I think it would really come to that if…)

We've included the monthly check-up, expected laboratory expenses, and prenatal vitamins in the budget. This is apart from the amount that we're setting aside to pay for the medical expenses that the birthing would incur which is still not enough from the way that hospitals are charging these days.

We still need to squeeze in the things that we need to get for the baby. And I think the secret to this is the emphasis on the NEED and not the wants.

I'm praying right now for an additional income. I'd like to work right here in the comfort of home.

We're praying for lesser expenses on the hospitalization later… that the doctors wouldn't charge us with a lot.
Anyway, a tip from a previous hospital insider (I mean me though and other friends who've proven this to work) if you're coming in for admission, get the minimum tolerable accommodation (e.g. the ward instead of the private room) if you're expecting a delivery or an operation. That way your DR and OR fees and the physicians', surgeon's and the anesthesiologist's fees wouldn't balloon that much. They'd be charging the minimum on the ward accommodation while there's about 15-30% difference on the medical and miscellaneous services and fees with both accommodations (I mean, ward vs. private room).
And if you would want better sleeping quarters after the delivery or operation, then opt a room transfer. By the way, if you are expecting, you'd probably spend more time on the delivery room than on your room before your delivery, so you really couldn't feel that much difference with the ward accommodation upon admission.

Back to the main agenda, we're trusting that God will provide for everything. We may have plans on how and we may devise plans to cut on our expenses, but without God's help, a lot of unexpected losses would come along the way.

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