Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ultrasound: 21 weeks AOG

Posted as promised!

These are the clearest shots that our OB sonologist got.
His right forearm was over his face most of the time... he didn't move it away when our OB was taking still photos. So, that was the clearest one that we've got.
His nose is already projecting. Our OB even described it as "matangos" looking over Dennies and I to see if from whom he got it.
His chin is also prominent and I am really trying to think whose facial contour he got. He reminded me a lot of Jobbie, my little bro, though. (Maybe because he was the only baby that I had really cared for in a long period... or that I miss my not-so-baby brother a lot & he's birthday's upcoming.)
But his face's shape could easily be from Dennies too or mine. :)
biparietal diameter (head), right; femur, left
The other one is of the head (at right) and the femur (at left) which is the longest bone in our body (that is the one in our thighs). These two measurements would give the doctor an estimate on the expected date of delivery.

This is the photo of his heart when the OB sonologist was assessing his cardiac functions. The two hollow spaces are 2 of the 4 heart chambers since this is on the lateral side. And the other hollow space, beside the 2, is probably the stomach.

All the measurements from the ultrasound got us close to July 30 with an allowance of 2 weeks prior or later, which correlates to our 1st trimester ultrasound as well as with my last menstrual period.

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