Friday, April 1, 2011

back in Biñan

Got back last night from a 6-day trip to Davao...
no, we didn't do any more sight-seeing since that's my hometown... I was there to meet as much of my family & friends as I could possibly can.

& I was to visit my dentist -- which I had to cancel due to a busy sked.

I was happy to have been with my family. I do miss them a lot.

I got to see my Lola again for her birthday celebration last Saturday which was joined with my cousins' graduation party. 
I got my fill of the lechon! yumyum!

Sunday, we went to our church in Digos for worship where we got to meet long lost family, friends and acquaintances. And, yes, I love displaying my baby bump.
We slept over at Barayong after a Dinner that Uncle Arthur prepared for the family. Inna (my cousin & his 2nd child) graduated as the class valedictorian, Saturday.

We also prepared for Jobbie's 10th birthday last March 29 which he celebrated with his friends at a village pool near our home in Davao. Most were my Mama's cooking... I only got to cook carbonara by my bro's request.

We were able to eat at PICOBELLO which is the family's favorite Italian restaurant in the city. I was there with my big brother Jon, his gf Tin and Jobbie last Monday.
We down in 4 pizzas since they still have their buy one take one offer between 2-5pm, and having 2 wouldn't have been enough for the four of us.

Monday night, we ate at a beach side 'restaurant'... kind of like the Dampa.. where they cook fresh seafoods the way you like it.
We were there with Uncle Gen & his family and our Lola. It was our parents' treat.

Indeed, my tummy was a lot bigger that Monday!

Tuesday, Jobbie's birthday, was spent at home... cooking for him and his friends who were at the pool about 3 blocks away from our home. It was fun but tiring..but definitely a time to appreciate my Mama for the effort she gives on preparing for my lil bro's birthday!
It brings back memories of how my Mama affectionately prepares for our birthday each year as well... it might not be filled with balloons and poppers but definitely with lots of LOVE!
I am indeed loving my Mama more these days.

Wednesday, I got to rest the morning off. And the afternoon, I got my hair cut at Ate Ailyn's salon then proceeded to go shopping with Mama for baby stuff which I will blog about in another entry.
That dinner, I spent it with my Ninangs from the wedding where I got sultry and funny marriage love stories which I won't blog about.   ;)

Thursday, I realized that I only have 5kg of baggage left for pasalubong... which my Papa filled in with tuna for my in-laws. ^^<
Thanks, Papa.

I had lunch at Mandarin, my favorite Dimsum restaurant in Davao, with my gfs Aimee and Macel who brought Khaiah, 2yo, my only girl 'inaanak' (godchild).
I ordered my favorites of course!
And Macel had bought me more baby stuffs which i'd include in the other entry.
And Khaiah is still so cute and pretty, she's talkative & sings "Sanay __ibig na lang ang isipin" from Mutya.

After that, I got a chance to visit Jobbie's school again for his report card. He didn't make it to the honors this year :(
And I kind of blamed myself for it. But committing everything to God for he knows best.

I feel so blessed indeed for my family and friends!

Thank You, Lord!

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