Saturday, April 9, 2011

normal delivery vs. cesarean section (my opinion)

My opinion (another article would be written on the real pros & cons)

As a nursing student years ago, I had seen both normal delivery and the cesarean section performed at the hospital.

I have first witnessed a normal spontaneous delivery. It was really painful. It felt like the pelvis would snap or that the mother's entire vulva would shatter.
It made me think then, that if I were to be pregnant... I would choose a C-section.

It wasn't long after that when I had my duty at the operating room where the doctors need to do a C-section on a mother whose babies (she carried twins) were in distress for such a long unsuccessful labor.
I saw the doctor sliced through the the woman's tummy in a flash... they do have to do it in a hurry if they want to save the baby.
But to me, it looked like butchering.
Then, it made me think that a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery (NSVD) would be a better option.

A year after, I got the chance to witness a scheduled C-section. There was no fetal distress at this time so the client's OB was not in such a hurry. She got her a "bikini cut" incision. And it was done with such grace and gentleness.
This made me think, that maybe, I'd want a C-section after all.

Anyway, more than that, I did read on articles comparing the two methods of delivery which I will be sharing on a different entry.

It is also interesting to note, that a lot of celebrities do go for a normal spontaneous delivery even when they have all the money to pay for a CS.

Right now, the cost alone of a normal delivery over a CS is enough for me to go for the first. Since the latter is more than twice the amount of an NSVD package.

We're praying that all will go well with our pregnancy and to a normal delivery.

In fact, I would want to strengthen my chances of a normal delivery which I would be writing about in another entry as well. Right now, since I have yet to read much, I can only point out diet and exercise... plus lots of prayer.

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