Friday, April 1, 2011

basic newborn apparel checklist

 I got to this article while searching for a more comprehensive and budget friendly checklist.
With the gifts that I got from my parents and gfs, I think I can start on checking off some of these in the list. :)

Newborn (birth to six months) clothing checklist

This article provides a list of clothing your newborn will need to keep him/her happy and comfortable!

By the editorial staff
Newborn (birth to six months) clothing checklist
Before you go out and spend a truckload on clothes for your newborn, consider that clothing is a common gift at baby showers or to celebrate the birth of your child. You may also be blessed with hand-me-downs from older siblings, friends, or family. While you want the best for your child, they could care less if they are wearing Baby Polo or their cousin's clothes that don't fit anymore. Your baby will grow fast, and may only get to wear an outfit once or twice before they outgrow it or seasons change.
This list will provide you with a good start for what your newborn (birth to six months) will require for clothing.

  • Onesies (4 to 6)  :) Macel had given me 4 sleeveless rompers for baby already. Rompers, she deemed, looked so cute on babies that she wants our baby to have them as well. It is also efficient to use when you are to use disposable diapers.

  • Pants (2-3 pairs)  :) 

  • Pajamas and/or body bags (4 to 6)  :) Mama had bought me 6 pairs of pajama bottoms and tops (3 are short sleeves & 3 are with long sleeves)

  • Short-sleeve bodysuits with snaps at the crotch (4 to 6)   :) still need to buy some of these though... although with i think that it would be not necessary anymore since there are other baby clothes that they bought me that are not in this list that could very well take the place of body suits. 

  • Sweaters (1-2) :) since we are in the Philippines, those long sleeved shirts would work just fine. If it gets really cold, then, wrapping him in a blanket would do.

  • Winter coat and/or Snowsuit (during winter months) :) no winters in the Philippines!

  • Mittens (2 pairs during winter months) :) even though there's no winter, it has been customary in the Philippines that baby's nails are not to be cut until a month old which explains the need for mittens or gloves but the thin cotton ones would do and they have already given me a total of 5 pairs already.

  • Booties or socks (4 to 6 pairs) :) I already have 7 pairs of booties and 1 pair of socks which they gave me. 

  • Hats (2 to 3) --  :) I thought I already have 3... turns out, I only have a pair. So, I need to get at least 1 more.

  • Receiving blankets (3 to 5) :) they gave me 3 already.

  • Crib blankets (2) :) Yes, Mama bought me 2 already.

  • Stroller or car seat blanket --  :) Mommy (my mother-in-law) said that Dennies' cousin have a stroller to pass on to us. I wouldn't be crossing this out just yet though since it's not in our hands yet.

  • Diapers (10-12 per day for newborns) --  :) I have 3 cloth diapers right now and 6 little briefs (my favorite) which he can wear after the cord falls off, and 1 waterproof diaper. We'd buy more diapers soon since I won't be using disposable ones all day. We plan to use disposable diapers at night and when travelling though. So, disposable diapers are entirely not out of the list.

  • Burp cloths (2-3)  :) they gave me bibs already which could double as burp cloths already.Shoes are cute as an ornament or decoration, but aren't necessary until the baby is close to walking age.
    If you ''inherit'' hand-me-down clothing, make sure you are clear with the donor whether they want the clothing back when your baby is done with it. If they would like it back, it is easy to create a spreadsheet on the computer containing an inventory of where clothing is to be returned when it is outgrown.

     :) It turns out that I have most of my newborn apparels at hand. Although if I were to be more comfortable with washing or laundry schedule, then, I should have more... but indeed, for someone on a budget, it doesn't hurt to have more laundry schedules for our little one for few months. We do hope he'd grow out of this clothes soon enough.
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