Monday, April 4, 2011

going for 9 months of marriage

I'd be 9 months of Mrs. Espina by the 9th.

It was only last Saturday, when my husband & I saw our wedding video.
The editing was good enough but it wasn't flawless... but I am good with it.
Unfortunately, they have it in one full length, so, I couldn't upload it just yet. I have to ask my providers to furnish me with another copy in a different format since that was what i agreed to pay for.

I am not expecting it anytime soon though, since I have long since paid them in full. But I do hope that they'd find the time to edit it as I have bargained for.

Hopefully, I would get to post it by our 1st year anniversary on August 9!

Then, maybe we'd have our bundle of joy in our arms too!

Everyday, I still thank God for the love that He has given to Dennies & me. We are soooooo grateful!
Thank You, Lord.

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