Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on a budget

About two years ago, when my best friend and I were window shopping for her nursery, we saw a crib to toddler bed which we both loved!
It was on sale at eight thousand pesos from around 14.
Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get one of those since someone in the family had given her a crib (the one that you won't get to use when the baby grows).

This time, I want that convertible crib made.
When Dennies and I were looking around the local furniture shops in town, we got to see one which they sell at 2,500php, which sells around 12-14 thousand at the mall.
That's the shop where we got our buffet table done as well, of solid wood yet about the same price as the fabricated pr laminated woods you see at furniture stores.

So, now, the plan is to get a crib made there that would soon be our baby's toddler bed as well.

While I was searching online for a design though, there are these convertible cribs that would go not only to toddler beds but to full size double bed!
That is really interesting.
So, I'd be doing some more research on google and youtube... draw the parts and have the local furniture carpenter make it for us!
I am excited... as always.

Last Sunday, Dennies and I had already bought a mattress for the crib. We bought a tri-fold double foam mattress which we got at 20% off.
Once folded, it is a 6 in x 54 in x 25 in foam. And when unfolded, it would comfortably fit two adults at 2 in x 54 in x 75 in!
This would be used when my brother and his girlfriend would be coming over by end of May.

And I guess, this mattress would serve the same purpose every time we'd have a couple or more coming over to visit us.
After all, we do need convertible and multipurpose furnitures, etc to keep up with the little space that we have in the house.


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