Monday, April 18, 2011

photobook: our first road trip

These pictures are from our first road trip last September.

We took a trip around Laguna, the province where we're in. I hope I have a picture of the province's map here but I don't. There's a lot of it at Google though. ^^<

That was a Saturday... we started left Binan at 7am right after breakfast which we learnt later that we should have left earlier because the toll gate had about 500m of traffic with the Pansol tourists (Pansol, barangay in Calamba, is a popular destination among NCR pips for their private hot spring pools).
We drove through Los Banos, Bae, Victoria, Pagsanjan, Cavinti and Lumban.
We decided to head back home at around 3pm because the sky was threatening a heavy rain and we are still 3 hours away from home.
No. we weren't able to look up all the places that we would have wanted to go to but there would be plenty of time indeed to catch up when we'd be having visitors.

This May, we are expecting Ate Rieza and her family, and Jon (my real big brother) and Tintin (his gf).
With Ate Rieza, we would probably be going on a visita de Iglesia here in Laguna where there's plenty of old Catholic churches.
While with Jon, we're going to go to Pagsanjan to shoot the rapids in the renowned falls (but I couldn't do this because of my pregnancy although I could really go with them for the drive) and maybe to Paete and Antipolo for some exotic dish (frogs, lizards and snakes)! I'd go for simple fish or pork... a pregnant tummy is not a good time to experiment on weird food.

Since, I am so inspired in making photobooks which I probably couldn't print. So, I'm posting them here instead.

I'm looking at printing all of these photobooks in one thick one which will be BOOK 1 of the DENNIES & JOY. (dating from Januray 2010 to August 2011)

It is a blessing to be in love to my big love, my best friend and big brother especially since I don't think I deserve this much!
Thank you, Lord! 

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