Monday, May 2, 2011

prevent pregnancy stretch marks

Here is the article with that video from the previous post. ^^, with my notes following the article.

How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks


  1. 1
    Eat a very healthy diet to nourish your skin (and your baby) from the inside out. Take your prenatal vitamins and eat the right amount of calories from healthy foods which provide plenty of calcium, protein, whole grains, and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.
  2. 2
    Drink eight or more glasses of water and/or other fluids daily to hydrate your skin and maintain elasticity.
  3. 3
    Follow guidelines for gradual weight gain, in the recommended amount. This should be about 25-35 pounds if you're a healthy weight, slightly more if you're underweight or expecting twins and slightly less if you're overweight. The faster you gain weight during pregnancy, the more likely it is you will get stretch marks.
  4. 4
    Moisturize your breasts, belly, sides, lower back, thighs and anywhere else you think you might get stretch marks at least morning and night if you wish. Creams and lotions have not been medically proven to prevent stretch marks as they cannot penetrate to the deep skin layer where stretch marks occur, but they can help your skin to feel less dry and itchy. Cocoa butter, almond oil and shea butter are marvelous choices. Also wheatgerm oil. If you can find pure Lanolin, it works very well. If you notice itching where your skin is being stretched, that is a sign to add more moisturizer in that area. A good over the counter treatment for stretch marks is Zenmed's Stretta. It contains high grade glycolic acid and medicinal botanical extracts that help to erase the marks quickly without causing any irritation or itching.
  5. 5
    Continue regimen after you deliver until you're back to your target weight -- rapid weight loss can also result in stretch marks!

For one, I've already gained around 14 kg which is around 30 lbs. What's been good is that I don't see stretch marks just yet ^^,
(About my weight gain, I had started 10% underweight so I have a range of up to 45lbs to gain and still be in the normal range of gain during pregnancy. Which is why I am serious right now about controlling my carbs especially my sweet tooth!)

What I have been doing so far that seems to be working...
I actually try to follow all those 4.
And I do reapply lotion when it seems to be itching some more. And yes, I have been checking the labels if they are safe to use during pregnancy.
Also, I have been drinking more than 8 glasses of water... but at the same time, I am checking my ankles and feet for edema (fluid retention) as well. (Just making sure that my liters of water doesn't backfire.)

To add, I have controlled every instinct or stop each reflex to scratch on my stretch mark prone areas. And since I couldn't very well say that I could prevent myself in my sleep, I dab in extra lotion before I sleep.

What others in my circle have said about preventing stretch marks....
Aside on not scratching...
A close friend very well said that she used petroleum jelly... that way, the gooey feeling would stop her from scratching or just make her fingers slide through. I haven't read anything that supports her advise though. And although it sounds sound but I think I'd much prefer using another friend's advise which is to keep your fingernails short and wear mittens during sleep when indeed itching to you is uncontrollable.

I have kept my finger nails short but I haven't gotten to wearing a pair of mittens yet.
But I am planning to buy one soon since my tummy is bound to super increase during the last two months of pregnancy.

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  1. what's interesting to note on this article is that we must keep our fight against stretch marks even we are on getting back to our pre-pregnant weight... as weight loss can cause them as well.


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