Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colic: causes

It has been said indeed that breastfed babies get colic lesser than those of formula fed babies.
Upon reading the article on colic at kidshealth.org though, It seems that baby Joram did have his bouts with colic as well.

Doctors aren't sure what causes colic. Milk intolerance has been suggested as a possible culprit, but doctors now believe that this is rarely the case. Breastfed babies get colic too; in these cases, dietary changes by the mother may help the colic to subside. Some breastfeeding women find that getting rid of caffeine in their diet helps, while others see improvements when they eliminate dairy products.
Some colicky babies also have gas, but it's not clear if the gas causes colic or if the babies develop gas as a result of swallowing too much air while crying.
Some theories suggest that colic occurs when food moves too quickly through a baby's digestive system or is incompletely digested. Other theories are that colic is due to a baby's temperament, that some babies just take a little bit longer to get adjusted to the world, or that some have undiagnosed gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It's also been found that infants of mothers who smoke are more likely to have colic.
I did think of GERD too. I even kept my baby's regular spitting up or sometimes even forceful vomiting a secret to our pediatrician for fear that baby will have all of those expensive tests not to mention that it may be invasive too. 

Anyway, our baby has been feeding well and has a constant increase in this weight which had alleviate my worries and reasoned that the vomiting is either due to overfeeding (which I admit that we're guilty of at times) or to his own poking of his mouth (you know how babies tend to put their hands in their mouth).

I try to keep baby upright and not to overfeed to prevent this though.

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