Friday, October 21, 2011

what to expect on Baby's check-up: 4 months

I am just reading on to know what to expect and have this list in mind on what to ask or say to Joram's doctor on his fourth month.
I know that he just turned 3 months but what can I say... I am excited!

Also, this includes some of the expected milestones of which I am excited about.
And Joram is already able to do all of those at this time! Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, I got these from You should visit their site!

more on what to expect on check-ups from the site mentioned.

From your baby's long-awaited arrival until those first days of school, you'll be visiting the doctor regularly to make sure that your child is healthy and developing well. It can be tough to remember everything you want to discuss with the doctor and everything the doctor tells you.
These sheets give you a sense of what to expect at each visit and help you keep track of the guidance your doctor provides. Print them out and take them with you!

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