Tuesday, November 8, 2011

@3 months : KidsHealth - Your Baby This Month

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After three months, your baby can start to recognize when you're smiling and happy, or when you make funny noises and laugh.
The best thing about having a new baby in your life is...
"Watching them learn and awaken to the world is so amazing. It is such a gift to be a part of that!"
- Laura,
mother of Jamie, 18 months
This month, get the facts on cosleeping, and find out what you need to know about supplementing breast milk with formula.
Encouraging Your Child's Sense of Humor
Young babies don't really understand humor, but they do know when you are smiling and happy. When you make funny noises or faces and then laugh or smile, your baby is likely to sense your joy and imitate you. He or she is also highly responsive to physical stimuli, like tickling or raspberries.
Reading Books to Babies
Reading aloud to your baby stimulates developing senses, and builds listening and memory skills that can help your baby grow up to be a reader.
Formula Feeding FAQs: Supplementing
Read about how to supplement breast milk with formula, or how and when to give the first bottle of formula to a breastfed baby.
Is Cosleeping a Good Idea?
Cosleeping - sharing your bed with your baby - is a controversial issue that has safety implications.
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