Tuesday, November 8, 2011

obesity for babies???

It was a comfort that I got to read this. Although I kind of know some of the answers given below already, but it is a comfort still to read about it.

Indeed, our doctor doesn't seem concerned of our baby looking plump :) . I don't think it's a big deal right now anyway.
But I do keep checking on the charts on Baby Joram's height and weight.

Thank God that he's way on the normal curve.

3 questions about: Chubby babies

What if my baby looks fat?
Obesity has become the health buzzword of the day. While it's unhealthy for anyone to carry too much fat, your baby's doctor is unlikely to be very worried if your baby is chubby. Some babies are born plump, others grow that way — but not because they have an unhealthy diet and don't exercise. It's because they haven't developed much muscle yet. This kind of baby fat isn't likely to stay with your child as she grows.

Should my baby go on a diet?
No. First, your baby's doctor will check to see whether your baby's weight and height are within the guidelines for her age. If she's too heavy, it's likely your doctor will simply watch to see how she grows. It's pretty rare for a doctor to be very concerned at this age, especially before solids have been added to a baby's diet.

Does this mean my baby will always have weight trouble?
No. A plump baby does not foreshadow an overweight teenager or adult. Many big babies slim down once they begin crawling and walking. They simply store their baby fat differently. As your baby grows, you can keep her fit and healthy by encouraging floor play. Feed her only when she's hungry, and avoid using a bottle to calm her when she's upset or stressed. Instead, offer her a toy or love and kisses.

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