Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is so not becoming my wedding...

Who says about the wedding being the bride's way?
Na ang bride naman ang masusunod?

This whole experience has not been like that for me.

I've gotten my way with some not because of some compromise but because they actually had wanted it that way in the first place to.

It's so hard to accept how they have me had my way with my stuff all these years of my life and in
MY wedding day... they simply want me to please almost everyone!
Including those people that I don't even want in my wedding in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I am sounding like a brat out here... but this is exactly what this blog is for.

Just to let my negative energies out so I won't become the bridezilla that all those bridal magazines have been warning about.
But is there a such a thing as a _________zilla?!
I'm not saying that they are entirely ruining this wedding for me.
But they certainly make me want all of this to end!

The wedding that I had long planned... yes... even before i met anyone suitable.

I am tired of trying to match their/your expectation.

And I hate the way others think that I am having my way when I am not!

Why won't you just have your own weddings? all over again if you wish?

Had all those people been helpful?

Had all those work paid off?!

I know I am so unbecoming of the Christian that I should be.

I am sorry, Lord.
But I know that You wouldn't have it against me either if i vent up this feelings.

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  1. sana i just got a wedding planner that would have them have their way.

    That way, i won't be expected to plan MY wedding the way i don't want it to be.


    This is really getting to be one great test for me.
    To actually design a wedding for me minus my creativity… minus what I really wanted.
    This is really getting hard.


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