Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on the invites

need your help on deciding which one is better for our invites...

anywayz, i noted that our names and te dates should be moved towards the center... & that there are still pencil lines on the card at one corner :) i would be erasing that.
this is just a sample so you can help me decide on which one to make for the rest of the invites.

i think i like the one with the jaket(dark teal with silver cartoon)+white card+banting

 but i am confused with not using the white card too... anyhow it would be placed in a card envelope...

but i'd be using the one with the jacket only (w/o the bantings) for the general invites.

PS: i wish i could include the bamboo background as well. but i guess that would be way beyond the price that we're willing to spend.

Thanks a lot!


  1. i think i need to make the slit on the white card smaller...

  2. i like the first one. and don't perfect the slit because it looks better if the invite slants. :)

  3. thanks, karina ^^< would take note


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