Friday, June 18, 2010

Hi! just updates

It's been a while since i really wrote anything here.

I've been busy... obvious.

Anyways, i know i'd be busier soon.

I've already invited friends through the events in facebook.

The invitations are done. And Dennies would be here again on  the first weekend of July. I am excited! Then, we get to do the wedding prep together. We'd spend the weekend handing down invites to friends... and a lot of talking.
We'd probably go down to barayong to help paint the Church.

We'd be having some time off to watch THE LAST AIRBENDER.

I am indeed feeling so blessed. Enjoying God's blessings!
Now, we're thinking of the wedding as a thanksgiving... so the idea of the communal feast that this is ending up to be. Far from the intimate wedding that we had first dreamed of.

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