Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There'd been three days of August.
Six more sleep to Dennies & mine's first anniversary!

A lot had happened indeed in our first year together. :"> blushing

No, it had not been a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs 8-| rolling eyes... thanks to our Ninongs and Ninangs, and more to both our parents who have given us realistic views on marriage and our wedded life together.

But it had indeed been our honeymoon year!
It's always great to wake up next to my hubby. :x lovestruck
And it has always been extra special at our dinner table no matter what food we have. Yes, at times we have full course meals (prepared by the good wife ;) winking) but sometimes we have nothing but instant soups or noodles (prepared by the lazy wife :P tongue). Still, it had been special when we share it.
When we were already expecting our baby, we get that special connection as we both place our big hands on my tummy as we try to feel baby's little body parts... more so, when we bow down together to pray for his health and for my safe labor and delivery.
We both look forward to the time when our family of two becomes a trio! And we know that things would never be the same again... in a GOOD way. :D big  grin

Last July 15, we got our Baby Joram Anthony! O:-) angel
... by far, God's best gift to our union together. ;;) batting eyelashes

We are so grateful to be celebrating our anniversary next week with our baby in our arms!
Although, this means that there wouldn't be a romantic dinner date for just the two of us... nor will we get to have our second honeymoon at some hotel or resort.

In all these and more, we thank God for everything. Indeed, He who began His good works in us would be faithful to complete it!
Thank You, LORD! :) happy

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