Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i am at least 4 weeks away

Baby Joram had been moving more frequently this past days. He too seems to be excited at going out!
But I have to remind him that he is at least 4 weeks away!

I have been sorting out my baby checklist. Although most of the items were already given to me by dear family and friends, there's about a couple more things that we've yet to buy.

We are to get the crib this week. And to purchase the mattress covers and pillows to go with it.

As our home is undergoing a repair at this moment, we're waiting on it to be done before we could finally put things "baby safe" and neat as a welcome to baby.

We have no nursery in the house. But we're dedicating a big corner of our bedroom to him... which will be a place for his crib and most baby stuff.
Hopefully, I could get to decorating next week. I am thinking of cartoon transport to decorate and had been busy Googling images that would be great for our baby boy. I am excited!
I need to check our budget though. We can't go overboard.

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