Saturday, June 25, 2011

reviewing the signs of labor

I am 8 days away from our last prenatal monthly visit since I'd be going weekly after that.

So, I am reviewing the signs of labor yet again.

I still don't see my tummy dropping.

I don't think I have those Braxton Hicks contractions either.

Much more those other signs that come after.

Yes, we're so excited.

But while we're waiting for the labor day, we've already packed baby's stuff for that day. I've placed it in a plastic 12L container (it looks like that of a picnic basket). I like it better than having it in a bag since I can see everything inside and check it even without opening and yes, it looks more organized.
I'll blog the contents of the container soon.
I'm also checking my checklist every now and then. 

For now, I still lack at least two bonnets and the crib furnishings (pillows, crib sheets, etc). We need to get it soon, maybe tomorrow ^^<

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