Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pagsanjan: Aling Taleng's Halohalo

Last weekend, my brother & his girlfriend went to visit us here in Laguna.

We went for a road trip last Saturday to see Paete and Pagsanjan along with my ever loving husband and my sis-in-law who drove our party of five around (or six if you'd count our baby Joram in my tummy).

As I am in my 7th month of pregnancy, I did not join them in shooting the rapids and conquering the Magdapio Falls, better known as the Pagsanjan Falls.
Instead, I just stayed at Aling Taleng's quaint place where I enjoyed their famed halohalo.

I need to borrow someone else's photograph which I found at Google since none of us remembered to take a picture of it before we went ahead and mix it.
The truth is, I was excited to taste it!
And indeed, it did not disappoint.
It is the first ever halohalo that I had eaten to the last drop. And it is the first time that I didn't have to add sugar nor milk/creamer to it.
It is the best I've had, no doubt!

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