Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pagsanjan: Magdapio Falls

That photo is my husband's. He just used his Samsung camera phone.
Anyway, the falls is breathtaking even in the pictures! Had he used a much sophisticated camera, it would have been better. But then again, we don't own one although I hope I could give him that someday as a gift.

As I've ranted in my previous post, I was left to enjoy at least two orders of Aling Taleng's Halohalo while they conquered the Pagsanjan River to see the the infamous Pagsanjan Falls which is actually the Magdapio Falls located at Cavinti which is another town bordering Pagsansan at the east.

They were charged with 1250 Php each wherein two of them share in a boat navigated through the Pagsanjan "rapids" by two boatmen. This included the balsa ride to the cave behind the falls. (balsa is a bamboo raft)
Also, a group could stay as long as they want at the falls since the boatmen are there to wait on you for the rest of the day since they could only afford a single trip to the falls due to their (boatmen) number in queue for tourist.

They (husband, sis-in-law, brother & future sis-in-law) were four together which meant they hired 2 boats to get them there. It was Aling Taleng's son who helped us get to trustworthy boatmen.

If you were to take the rapids alone, then, you ought to pay them for two still.

Had we came on off-peak season, the rate would have been only 1000 Php.

By the way, Aling Taleng's is a stone's throw away from the Pagsanjan Church which is a sight of its own as well while the entry point to conquering the rapids is but less than 5 minute walk from the halohalo place.

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