Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just ranting

for the past 2 weeks...
I have gone to recovering my account every other day or two. I don't know what's the problem with my account and I am honestly tempted with just going off making a new one and ultimately leaving my old username. But somehow, I just love it that I couldn't find myself to doing it. Also, it is directly connected to this blog... which means that to access or do any editing here, I need to try to recover my Google account which I still haven't recovered since June 10.

My Yahoo mail is also going through changes in password and security questions which I didn't do. And so, I get to change or reset my password ever so often.
But the recovery is better at Yahoo than at my Google though.

Anyway, I am blaming it on the applications in Facebook... which I allowed (yes, it's my fault.)
And yes, I am not going to get into any more new applications. Afterall, I am cutting my FB time to save on electricity since our bill had doubled this month.

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