Friday, July 1, 2011

on edema: cutting down salt

I had always liked salty foods and have been craving for some chips early in my pregnancy.

This time, however, as I have been sacrificing my own sweet tooth, I have said goodbye to additional salt to prevent or reduce edema during my pregnancy.
But of course, this is just temporary... or better, I'd grow a taste for less salt and then I'd actually save myself from a lot of diseases that is induced by heavy salt intake.

Also, I have kept a generous amount of water intake... more than 2 liters per day excluding the cup of coffee that I get to treat myself each day.
Amazingly, in articles that I've read online which I reposted previously, this would lower edema.

I have also added a pillow more to raise my legs up during sleeping. And tried to do a minute or two of stretching and foot rotation during the unwelcomed pee breaks that interrupts my much needed sleep.

The result = significantly less swelling on my feet and toes at the moment I wake up.

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