Thursday, July 28, 2011

scheduled vs. feeding per demand???

I've read an article in a magazine regarding this topic and honestly, I have yet to research more on this.

However, I am convinced up until this time that feeding per demand is better. Not that I think that those who feed on schedule is a lesser mother or parent.
I remember that Baby is on the TRUST VS. MISTRUST Stage. And I believe that feeding per demand would foster more trust on the part of the infant, would enhance his feeling of security in a totally new environment in what he'd had for 9 months in the womb.

Anyway, in my few days as a breastfeeding mother, I am so amazed at how God has carefully and wonderfully created each body part that we have. It's amazing how mother's produce milk with enough quality and quantity that the baby needs!
Thanking God indeed for this experience. And really enjoying every moment of it.

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