Friday, July 1, 2011

para sa mahal ko... ^^,

I should have posted this during Father's day last June 19.
But then again, we were kind of busy.

Anyway, I am always thankful to God for the men in my life. I love them dearly.

I thank God for the blessing of having a responsible and supportive father throughout my childhood. Plus, the bonus of having known and being loved by both of my grandfathers.

So, when my husband added to the list, I felt more blessed! Yes, I don't deserve it... and yes, that is GRACE!

Anyways, I got all of them a card last June 19.

But I especially love the one I found for Dennies which I got around late April. It was so fitting that I couldn't wait but to buy the card early.
Maybe, I could post it here sometime.

I want everyone to know just how excited he is of our pregnancy as well... how supportive and patient he's been and how blessed (most term it LUCKY) I so feel!

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