Tuesday, July 12, 2011

on stretch marks

At days past 37 weeks, you can count me in the women who'd swear by cocoa butter lotion!

Unfortunately, I had so focused on my tummy alone that I had forgotten about other stretch mark prone areas like the thighs and buttocks. Which means, that I have more than just a few of my share on them. Although they hadn't multiplied to more when it had caught my attention since I also began applying liberal amount of cocoa butter lotion to them.
They are, however, still unsightly and are very dark marks! So, it is a comfort to know that they will start to lighten up as soon as Baby Joram's birth ends my pregnancy. I would continue to apply the lotion as it claims to reduce dark scars or marks.

Anyway, I remember years ago back when I was just a little girl ;) that my mother would really put time and extra budget on buying me the local version of the cocoa butter... a.k.a. "mantika de cacao". And it does work!
It is in a balm form, however, which would make it less easier to apply to a large area than does a lotion.

I'd like to thank my Mama who had so encourage me to purchase cocoa butter lotion. (even giving me allowance for it!)
And to my Mother-in-Law who had told me over and over again not to scratch my tummy as she herself doesn't have a single stretch mark even though her bump was larger than mine and though she'd had generalized edema as early as the 4th month of pregnancy.

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