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ultrasound at 36wks

I am happy to see this same question on the internet since this is precisely what my case is.

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Our doctor wants our baby out on the 38th week.

The ultrasound showed that there's a cord coil.

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Pregnancy Week 36

By pregnancy week 36, the baby tends to weigh around 5.9 pounds and is around 18.6 inches in length or even longer in some cases. The baby continues to focus on adding to its body weight till the time of its actual delivery. There have been some theories that state that the baby may actually be able to trigger the onset of labor and one such theory claims that on account of the baby's brain having matured, it sends certain signals to the fetal adrenal glands which then begin to secrete a hormone that tends to alter the metabolism of progesterone and estrogen thereby resulting in labor. Another theory proposed by researchers is that the baby's lungs emit signals which indicate that they are mature and ready. Additionally they also release enzymes that in turn release prostaglandins that are known to aid the ripening of the cervix and uterus contraction.

In case your doctor recommends a check up, when you are in your 36th week of pregnancy, it is quite normal for him or her to conduct a 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound test too. An ultrasound is a great way to view the images of your baby, within the womb. This procedure is especially useful to a doctor, who can monitor your baby's growth and development. On average, the desirable weight for a baby, during the 36 weeks pregnancy ultrasound, should be 5.78 pounds, which is 2,622 grams and the ideal height should be 18.66 inches, which is 47.4 centimeters. The ultrasound will also let your doctor know if your baby has moved into the birthing position or not.

There are several ways in which a 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound could be beneficial for you too. Viewing images of your baby even before he is born will help forge an early, yet strong bond between you and your baby. You can see if your baby moving around or sleeping within the womb. In case your baby is below the normal recommended weight, you can try to change your diet and include more protein rich foods, so that you can increase your baby's weight. Some parents also find out the gender of the unborn baby, so that they are better prepared. There are some people, who question the safety and reliability of the ultrasound procedure and wonder if it could cause any harm to the mother or the baby. However, ultrasounds have been conducted for decades now and there is no evidence to prove that it can cause any harm to either the child or the mother. In fact, in some rare cases, doctors may even recommend that you go in for a 36 weeks pregnant 3D ultrasound test, especially if the doctor suspects any complications.

A 3D ultrasound is quite different from a regular ultrasound. The images of the baby that are captured by a 3D ultrasound procedure are from 3 angles. This allows both you, as well as the doctor to view images of the baby, that are much clearer. In fact, when a 3D ultrasound is conducted after 26 weeks, you may also be able to see the features of your baby quite clearly. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that this procedure helps strengthen the bond between the parents and the child, there are several people that do not go in for it, mainly because of the cost factor. 

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