Wednesday, July 27, 2011

postpartum bleeding

My bleeding after delivery was like that of a normal menstruation which started out heavy in the first 2-3 days (most got heavy flows up to four days).
After the heavy red bleeding, it is supposed to turn pinkish then to whitish discharge in time. However, mine have gone back from slight spotting to heavy flow again which prompted me to research on what is the duration or characteristic of a normal postpartum bleeding and when do I need to be alarmed or call my doctor.

Lochia is the name given to postpartum bleeding. Every woman who delivers a child, either vaginally or through cesarean section, will experience this type of bleeding. It is the way in which your body expels excess mucus, placental tissue, and blood after giving birth.

Lochia usually begins as a bright red discharge from the vagina. This blood typically continues to be bright red in color for between four and ten days. After ten days, your lochia will become a pink color, eventually changing to a yellowish-white color. This blood flow may be constant and even, or it may be expelled in intermittent gushes. Lochia may also be accompanied by numerous small blood clots, about the size of a grape.

If you experience any of the following signs, call your health care provider or visit your nearest emergency room:
  • bright red discharge for more than seven days after birth
  • discharge that smells bad (foul odor)
  • fever and chills
  • abnormally heavy bleeding (in which a maxi pad is soaked in less than one hour)
  • bleeding profusely or feeling faint (CALL 911)

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