Monday, May 3, 2010

about the bridal ride

For the three days that the poll on our wedding ride has been running...

it's basically between the carabao or the farm tractor.

Those are not the real ones that are present at Barayong... but those are the closest thing that I could get from Google.

Anyway, Unce Arthur and I talked about this last night.

And that one, the hand tractor is the type that's available in Barayong. If we are to have the reception at Kamonsilan, then I guess, the carabao is not an option since it's about a kilometer from church.

If we were to have it at the session hall right beside the church, then the carabao with the cart/sled would work just fine. Since it would be around 200meters around.

Uncle Arthur already hailed his white cow to do the job instead of the carabao since it was already trained to pull a cart. Plus, it would look better than a black carabao since an albino is not available around the area. (Kay naa man sa Davao si Ailyn Albino ^^< joke)

Well, I really hope that we can pull this through as planned.


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