Saturday, May 29, 2010

hello after a few weeks of silence...

it's been a few weeks since i've blogged.

a lot had happened.

may 10 was the 1st Philippine automated elections. of which none of my major bets won their race.
also, may 10, my brother jobbie was admitted at MCDC (the hospital in Digos where my Lolo had the craniotomy last 2008).
Well, I spent my birthday, May 15, at the hospital since contrary to what we expected, Jobbie had stayed for long due to an infection.
It wasn't until last sunday that he was discharged per our request since it was over 24 hours since he had the last fever.

From May 21-23, Dennies and his family were here in Davao for the formal pamanhikan.

Anyway, this week was hectic in school with the summer class to end. I had my exam with my students this morning and afternoon... then i rushed to finishing their grades. and yes, I think I deserve a congratulation!

Well, my 1st semester contract wouldn't start until June 15, so i am on a break! yehey!

June 1-6, my brother Jobbie(who'd be on crutches still), my Mama and my Lola are going to visit Jon in Cebu. We're excited. I hope my Lola wouldn't back-out though. It would be her first plane ride.

June 7-14 would be a time to finish up as much of the wedding prep as i could.
still need to apply for our marriage license, pay the down payments, finalize wedding supplier contracts & etc.

Which reminds me, this Monday, my Mama and I are to visit the seamstress to do her dress on my wedding.
Also, I need to finish the invitations then.
I'd be posting it here soon.

Well, in all these, praying for God's help.
Please include us in your prayer. Thank you so much!

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