Sunday, May 2, 2010

dilemna: on being especially beautiful

myth: The bride has to be the most beautiful woman in her wedding.

This is of course possible if :

  1. She would surround herself with freaks as in the other queen in the Alice in the Wonderland.
  2. She wouldn't invite any more beautiful friend or family.
  3. She will go for a very private wedding.
I'm sure you get the picture. The thing is, there are other women who could be prettier than the bride is on that day.

Oh... may I add... 4. choose a very ugly motiff or theme. For example, have them all wearing masks/costumes so you'd end up to be the only belle of the ball.

But still, even with a concealed face, others have this aura that someone could not bear but give a second look... or a long second look.

Anyway, the thing for me is just to drop all of that because that is not an option for me.
I have a beautiful family... lots of prettier faces than my own. I often say that i am the ugly duckling in comparison. Also, I have a lot of pretty friends. If you're one of them, I'm sure you'd agree.

But the thing is, the bride is not to be pressured by others and definitely not by herself to look the best. She has to look her best... which is an entirely different story.

anyway, it has been said that brides should not look at a lot of fashion or beauty mags so as not to feel insecure about how she looks.

before: i thought this was a good idea. In fact, i've shared this to more than a couple od bride-to-be before.
now: when you've grown to accept yourself, you'll have that sense of security about yourself... your looks included.

This means that she has to feel beautiful not because she thinks that someone is ugly or that she is as pretty as that girl in the magazine. She just have to be her best. period. with no comparison to so and so.
So, am i saying that she's not to shine?
well, no. All I am saying is that this is but an extra dilemna or stress that a bride should flush down the toilet. She would shine. No pressure.

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