Monday, May 3, 2010

the wedding dress for the first time...

Myth: Not to wear the bridal gown prior to the wedding.

This is a Filipino pamahiin that has been since memorial. By some reason, the wedding would not be pushed through they said.

I believe in God and I know that everything happens for His purpose.

I am also a fan of science and math enough to know that it doesn't have a scientific basis at all.

Unfortunately, i wouldn't be one to break this tradition.

For now, death aside, I couldn't think of anything that could stop the wedding.

If I were to have my way, I'd try on my wedding dress before this month ends. And I'd be fitting it again by july & a day prior to my wedding.

But with due respect to my mother and future mother-in-law, I wouldn't.

This is actually not easy for me to follow.

As Dennies had told me last night... Just trust God that your wedding gown would fit just right.

I should have blackmailed him that i wouldn't be walking down the aisle if the dress wouldn't fit me right.
Na hindi na talaga matutuloy ang kasal if that were the case.
But I love him and wouldn't want to add to the stress that the wedding has on us.

The thing is... I have the Filipino pamahiin and tradition to blame for the added stress on all of these.

But really... I am stressed because I've yet to accept that the wedding is not about us. The marriage is about us.
But the wedding?
No, no, no.
It's about his family, my family, the traditions, the culture, the clash.

My prayer:

Dear God,
thank you for the reminder that it is not about me... Not about us.
Not only in this wedding that we're planning but on everything about life.
Grant me humility to obey and honor our parents.
But Lord,
please help them to realize that after the wedding. It will be different.
We have a home to build apart from them. Please help us all.

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