Sunday, May 2, 2010

The perfect one...

No... I am not talking about Dennies. He's not perfect. No one is.

I mean the wedding gown or dress or whatever you want to call it.

As every bride know, a wedding gown is so much more than a fluffy white dress.

Rajo Laurel says, '' One of the first things to consider is appropriateness. Have checklist of things that you want to do for your wedding - like dance the tango or swing - and also think of how the gown will work for the time of the day and the venue. Will it be at the beach or the city? All these things come into play. Second, when choosing a gown, be true to your personality. And third, really be truthful to your body. There's a limit to the things you can do without surgery! Sometimes a bride is all about fantasy, but in the end you have to temper that to reality.''

''Most Filipinas are short, petite, and not well endowed with curves. So, a dress cut on the empire (above the waist) gives the illusion of longer legs especially if it's floor length'', responds Jojie Lloren, Project Runway Philippines, to a wedding magazine interview. '' For a bigger body, i put the embelishments near the top of the dress to draw the attention to the face. Also, consider the time of the day. A heavily beaded bodice is too much for a daytime wedding. Don't go overboard. The bride has to be seen in the dress and not the other way around; so, it's not just the dress alone that matters.''

His top tip : There are a lot of misconceptioms when it comes to choosing a gown for your body type. The rule of thumb is to hide your flaws and flaunt your assets.

Twenty-two, Sassa Jimenez warns brides on a real issue, ''Don't rely too much on the sketch, or get too attached to it. Realize that everything changes once you start to work with the fabric.''

Indeed, a lot of thought comes when choosing a dress on that special day. It would be a blessing indeed to know what you want and how you want it. Or if you don't have that in mind just yet, then start with what you don't want... That would surely ease out your already loaded brochure of choices.

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