Saturday, May 1, 2010

the well spent wedding

1. Rank your priorities. -- this will allow you to identify which part are you going to splurge on and which one to be stingy about.

2. Determine your budget. -- always plan and work around your budget. It is good to be realistic.

3. Recruit friends and relatives. -- yes, everyone with talent and heart is welcome. This would allow you to save. For example, my singers are friends from church. I'd invite my cousin Chevy to play the violin for my march. And a lot more in my list.

4. Be ruthless with the head count. -- Unfortunately, since we are in the Philippines wherein the wedding is not just between the couple but the whole families, this can be tough. This has been my first dilemna since i wanted an intimate wedding of the least guest as possible but my mother's family has a big bunch of invites in mind.

5. Book before the 'ber' months. -- the "ber" months are part of the "peak" season. So, the rates are much higher during this time.

6. Seek free fonts. -- this is regarding the invites and other prints. Other fonts don't come free. So, make sure to ask your caligrapher or stationer if there is any extra charge on the font you picked. Or to save some more, why not make your invites yourself. I would be doing our wedding invites. My bestfriend, Macel, and I spent about a couple of hours with photoshop to get that image of the invitation that i want. Then, after having it checked by his Mom, we'd have it printed.

7. Think monochromatic.

8. Have a weekday wedding. -- Skip the regular Saturday wedding. Most venues are cheaper on the weekday... or at least, you'll have a lower guest count on a weekday ^^< With this in mind, ours is on a Monday!

9. No decor needed. -- If you'd pick a venue that' already charming as it is. For example is that resto with the decor & interior design that you've always liked.

10. Think out-of-the-banquet-hall. -- the sky is always a pretty backdrop!

11. Hire an expert. -- this seems ironic. But wedding planners already have a string of suppliers where they can have a lot of discounts and freebies.

12. Take up hunting. -- there's always a bargain out there waiting to be found.

13. Pick the right kicks. --

14. Say YES to all-inclusive. -- Most inclusives in the package deals are paid for irregardless on whether you'd take it or not. So, why not just take it. Or you may try asking if you canget another service instead if ever.

15. Bridal fair-bound. -- get into a bridal fair to get a buzz at the supplier's price range & not to mention the freebies and discounts.

16. Create your own dot-com. -- there's real money in the internet. Or so they say.

17. Initial it. -- To make it look like it's worth more.
18. Stick them up. -- use stickers instead of paying for a caligrapher.

19. Hold a DIY day. -- Have your friends help you with DIY souvenirs and give-aways.

20. Buy in season. -- Be it flowers or fruits, the ones in season are definitely cheaper!
21. Supersize your flowers. -- big blooms allow ou to use less.

22. Bouton-ette your bridesmaids. -- they cost less than having bouquets made.

23. Easy on the entourage. -- the lesser people on your wedding party, the lesser on the other entourage-related expenses as well.

25. Work your blooms. -- buy flowers and arrange them yourselves!

26. Skip the make-up trials. -- some artist actually charge the make-up trials even when they say that it is free with the package. Find a make-up artist that you are know or particularly like. Don't go for a lot of trials. It will cost more & it will just lead to more confusion on who to choose.

27. The more the merrier.

28. No need for retouch. -- a quick powder and lipgloss is all it takes. Anyone in your party can do that without the extra charge.

29. Borrow something. -- If you can borrow it, then why buy it?

30. Buy your own booze.

31. Give a newbie a break. -- try a good photographer. His prices are cheaper for sure and he has the extra motivation to have a break for o your wedding.

32. Eat family style. -- this will skip the need for any centerpiece.

33. Think like a talent scout. -- be on the look-out for new suppliers and talents.

34. Drink to that. -- the rest of your guests need not be included in your champagne toast.

35. Cut the cake. -- instead of going for the 20 thousand something layered cake, why not layer the special bakeshop cakes? They actually taste a whole lot better!

36. Give something homemade.

37. Pool the presents.

38. Show off -- a little. -- splurge on something that would be worth it.

39. Throw a tea party. -- who says it has to be a dinner?

40. Hook up your iPod. -- good free music!

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